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60th Shine Music School Concert

Shine Music School held their 60th student music concert on the 29th of November 2015 much to the enjoyment of all who attended. The concerts continue to foster a love of music within the community, where both our beginner and advanced students can showcase their preferred musical style, instrument and what they have learned in the past months. It is an opportunity for all our learners to play in front of an audience, something the school strongly advocates as a huge part of studying and appreciating music.


We were very pleased to welcome back the Prof and Zana Sajin after their stay in Spain. A fantastic time was had by all as we listened to students perform pieces on a variety of instruments, from violin to drums as well as singing! Thank you all for coming!


Professor Sajin on Facebook

Professor Sajin has had a facebook page created for him, so that he can connect with his students, new and old. He would like to kindle old friendships and stay in contact with his students, during his travels in Europe and Africa. If you are a student of his, or happen to have had lessons with him in the past, we would like to encourage you to connect with him on his new facebook page.

He hopes to hear from you soon!



Online Classes with the Professor

Shine Music school offers private classes online over Skype with Professor Sajin. For more than 5 years, students have been able to enjoy their classes with the Prof from the comfort of their own homes!


Offering classes over Skype has also enabled the Professor to stay in contact with his students while visiting the Barcelona Branch of the Shine Music School, Estudio Shine. We think it is a fantastic way to stay connected, and the school in Randburg has special classrooms set up for Skype lessons. So even if you don’t have internet at home, you can still enjoy music with the Prof at the school any time!


In the future we hope to offer our South African students all the benefits of having specialized teachers all over the world, available to teach them over Skype!
You can sign up for online classes, learn about what we offer here!


Visiting a Luthier in Spain


Prof Sajin and his son visited a Luthier in Valencia, Spain to sample and buy some hand made guitars for the school in Barcelona. It was fascinating to view the inside of the workshop and all the instruments in various stages of completion. Both the Professor and Milos tested the guitars and ordered a few for the school shop. If you are interested in playing them or buying one for yourself, speak to the school and we can order a Guitar for you! Don’t forget that if you are interested you can visit our school in Barcelona. We have hosted South African students in Spain, in fact our teacher Simon came to visit a few years ago. It’s a fantastic opportunity to visit a new country and one that is famous for it’s music. You can go to Flamenco concerts, listen to classical guitar, and enjoy many museums and sights in the city! We would be happy to help you arrange your trip.