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Who we are & What we do

The Shine School of Music in Johannesburg is a specialised music school offering music lessons in various Instruments from Guitar to Saxophone. Located in Randburg, The Shine School of Music offers classes with qualified and experienced teachers. The school provides quality music courses for students of all ages and all levels.

Shine Music School opened in January 1993. It was founded by Prof Strahinja Sajin and at its outset it consisted of one teacher – Prof. Sajin – and three students in a small room in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Over 1600 students have passed through the halls of Shine Music School since those early days with more than 300 having successfully completed the practical ABRSM examinations and 132 passing the ABRSM theory examinations! Today the school still specialises in training students for exams with tailored music education. More students are preparing for the exams every day, which offer advantages of an internationally recognised career in music. In addition to this, numerous students have successfully prepared their Music Matric exams through the school. We truly believe in helping students to achieve their musical goals, be they a career in the musical arts or just as a fun or relaxing hobby to share with family and friends!

To date the school has staged more than 57 concerts in which students performed the hand-picked pieces they had studied during the year. We understand that performance builds confidence as musicians. In the past concerts served as social events and an occasion when the teachers, parents, students and friends meet to share and appreciate music together. Today our concerts are all streamed online, allowing students to review their hard work and share their music with others.

In 2008 Professor Sajin’s son began the Barcelona branch of The Shine Music School, which continues to flourish today as well as providing our South African music students the choice of studying with our Spanish music teachers! Via the connection of the two branches we are able to offer a wider choice of instruments to our students with our online classes.

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Our History

Originally founded by Professor Strahinja Sajin, who opened The Shine School of Music in Johannesburg, South Africa in January 1993, Shine has now expanded to Barcelona and also began its online school 15 years later. The Prof still teaches at the school and offers selected students a wealth of knowledge in music in a variety of instruments. Shine School of Music continues to hold annual concerts both in South Africa and in Barcelona, with many of the most recent concerts streamed live online.

The Shine School of Music attracts students from various backgrounds and motivations, as they seek different things upon their arrival. Throughout our history, we have successfully guided numerous students towards achieving their musical aspirations. These goals have ranged from pursuing a formal music education to embarking on a professional music career, or simply acquiring a few chords for singing purposes.

At the Shine School of Music, we take pride in our teachers, comprising a group of diverse and talented instructors. Each teacher possesses a unique set of specialties and expertise.

The South African branch of the school is currently situated in the neighbourhood of Randburg in Johannesburg. Our Spanish school also offers services to help music students from across the world apply for visas to study music in Spain with us.

During “Covid” our school worked hard to move most of our lessons online. Today we offer music lessons online in a variety of instruments via our Barcelona music school, where our students can learn from the comfort of their homes. Our local teachers, however, have returned to giving in-person lessons and teach in Johannesburg from our classrooms in Randburg. We offer guitar, piano, keyboard, singing, music theory and violin lessons in Randburg.

In 2021 the professor moved with his wife to join their family in Spain, all the while running the school in Johannesburg remotely. The Johannesburg branch continues to provide music lessons under their guidance adding to 3 decades of music in Randburg.

Meet our teachers

At the Shine School of Music, we hand pick each of our teachers. Chosen for their unique abilities to impart the love of music in a structured learning environment. Let our teachers guide you in your musical journey!

Prof Strahinja Sajin (online lessons only)


Prof. Strahinja Sajin teaches Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, as well as Saxophone, Clarinet, and Accordion at the Shine School of Music. A true master of the arts, Prof Sajin is the original founder of Shine Music School in South Africa, Germany and Serbia. Today the professor gives all of his lessons online, and gives his students a unique experience. Bringing with him not only his ample arsenal of skills but also five decades of experience in teaching, performing, composing and music publishing. Professor Sajin was one of the principal motivators of the proliferation and development of classical guitar throughout former Yugoslavia during the second half of the twentieth century. These days, Prof Sajin teaches a wide array of instruments with and spends his time sharing his profound knowledge and experience with his students.

Irene Feoktistova


Irene graduated from the Ippolitov Ivanov Music institute in 1989, specializing in piano, music theory and the history of music. She has over 20 years of skilled teaching experience and is qualified to coach students through piano exams. In 1997 she performed an original piano piece and won an award at the Moscow Music Festival. She loves music and enjoys sharing her musical inspiration with students.

Angela Mornadji


Angela studied music in Kirgistan, and has been teaching for over 10 years specializing in piano and singing. She is very involved in her churches musical group and a prolific performer. She shares her love of music and inspiration through teaching.

Raphael Cohen


Raphael studied at the HAIFA Conservatory in Israel and has over 12 years teaching experience, teaching Violin (all ages) and Guitar (beginners). He regularly performs and is part of a chamber music group. He holds a Playing Diploma (Licentiate) / Performance from “Trinity College of London” and loves teaching because of the satisfaction of shaping students’ futures – young or old! Raphael coaches and prepares music students for Trinity and ABRSM grading exams.



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You are never too old or young to begin music! At the Shine School of Music we understand that each student is an individual with distinct musical needs and preferences. Here we share some comments from our wonderful past students!

“Being at the Shine music school created more than just an opportunity to learn about music. This is where I experienced the privilege of learning, learned a lot about myself, experienced other people and had the chance to perform in front of a live audience as a well trained guitarist. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn about life and tunes that make more than just their feet tap- it teaches the rhythm of life!” – Elana Afrika


Many fantastic students have passed through our courses, or indeed, continued lessons with us for many years, forming great relationships and spending many hours enjoying music with our teachers at the Shine School of Music in Johannesburg. Here is what a few of them have had to say about their time spent with Shine.

“Of all the things that life has to offer, the gift of music is probably the most magical form of expression that we have. It transcends all barriers and is a truly universal language that personally takes me to the highest place I could possibly be. I thank the Shine School of Music and in particular my teacher, Professor Sajin, for opening up that world for me. Music has altered the course of my life and will always be right at the centre of my heart. Thank you so much!” – James Acheson

“The Shine school and everyone involved have always made me feel welcome. Especially the Sajin family, who have become very good, close friends over the years of me playing and learning with them. Milos, my teacher, had to put with me for a good couple of years (and me with him), and he helped me reach grade 7 in both theory and practical guitar, during which time he became an important person in my life and I miss him now that he has moved to Spain, with Japan somewhere in the middle there, and me having moved to Stellenbosch to study. The Shine school is a big family, and I’m very proud to say I have a part of it!” – Nicholas Gerber

“There is this magic about music, it can be taught to everyone, but it can’t be taught by anyone. It takes a very inspired teacher, with a willingness and love for the art. I would have never discovered music the way I have without professor Shine & The school of music.” – Cara-Leze Lugibihl

“After the regrets of “giving up” musical training in childhood I was a little apprehensive of learning at an older age. More than two years later I have realised that it is never too late and the wonder of music is in the moment. The Shine School of Music is a unique and special place where every lesson is a joy, carried through with an unerring desire to pass on not only the technical skills but also the wider appreciation of music, “the food of life.” If musical expression be the desire then a more dedicated group of teachers you will not find. Keep it up!” – Nicholas Clark

“I used to be a keen student of philosophy. I thought within the love of wisdom I could find the secrets to life. But in seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding you stay in your mind – so what if you realize this amazing truth. What use is anything beautiful if no one is there to share it with you? Since coming to the Shine Music School I have experienced the beauty, power, wisdom, love and magic music brings. Magic, yes, I think that’s what music is – it transcends all the boundaries of mind, language, culture, religion or sex. It surpasses everything and reaches that place – your essence – where we you feel pure and loved and free. But at the Shine Music School it’s not just about music. It’s about people too. Every student, from 5 to 55, is welcomed, taught and approached in a unique way. Whether you’re the next Mozart or a slow learner like me, anybody is welcome and anybody will feel welcome.” –Frans Borman

“I had never imagined that learning music can be so much fun filled with knowledge, experience and motivation. With every music lesson not only I have learnt to play guitar but also learnt some key and important factor of life. One of the best institutes with a warm and homely feeling especially cared by Zana and Professor Sajin.” – Ashish Jaggi

“I got my first and only guitar in 2003. I was happy. But then I took it home and for 7 years I did not play it because I did not know HOW to play it. Then one day I went in to McGibbons Music Shop to restring the guitar. I asked them if they knew of any great music teachers. They said, “Yes, we know two great teachers. The one is Professor Shine. The other is his son Milos!”. Soon after that I had my first lesson with Prof Shine in 2009. Now I can pick up that guitar I got so long ago and actually play it. The journey has been a great one for me. Prof Shine and Zana are like family. You find that you are always pushing yourself to make magic with a musical instrument. The school is also pushing itself to do new things with students. With the use of Skype, we have had lessons even when we were far from each other from places like Barcelona, Nairobi, Durban, London and Belgrade. It works well. Prof has taught me for almost 5 years now. Time flies when you are having fun!” – Dinesh Buhram