Online Classes with the Professor

Posted on January 25th, 2015 by Milos Sajin

Shine Music school offers private classes online over Skype with Professor Sajin. For more than 5 years, students have been able to enjoy their classes with the Prof from the comfort of their own homes!


Offering classes over Skype has also enabled the Professor to stay in contact with his students while visiting the Barcelona Branch of the Shine Music School, Estudio Shine. We think it is a fantastic way to stay connected, and the school in Randburg has special classrooms set up for Skype lessons. So even if you don’t have internet at home, you can still enjoy music with the Prof at the school any time!


In the future we hope to offer our South African students all the benefits of having specialized teachers all over the world, available to teach them over Skype!
You can sign up for online classes, learn about what we offer here!


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Online Classes

Posted on December 15th, 2012 by shineuser


The Shine School of Music online lessons continue to be successful. Both students and teachers have been working well together. This year we showcased one of our online guiatr students at the annual school concert in Barcelona via Skype on the large screens at the venue. It was fantastic to see his big smile when he saw the entire crowd applauding his performance.


We now have students all over, from Boston in the USA to Moscow in Russia, and offer online classes in guitar and saxophone. We are hoping to add piano classes too. It’s a fantastic way for many of our international students to continue lessons with their teachers. Often students who come for intensive courses are able to further their education this way, when they return home.

The online medium also enables students to study from the comfort of their own homes. If you are interested in our online classes, click here to learn more.


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